Virtual Airlines using XAcars

There are a lot of virtual airlines around using XAcars. For example following VAs are using our system to track their flights:

  • Leipzigair Virtual Airline
  • American Virtual Airlines
  • Austrian Virtual Airlines Group
  • German Air Express
  • California Airlines
  • Freeworld Airways
  • Air-Child Virtual Airline
  • Cargolux Virtual
  • Virtual Air New Zealand
  • Jet Alliance Virtual Airline
  • EuroBerlin Virtual Airlines
  • CleverJet Virtual Airlines
  • and all airlines based on phpVMS which has XAcars support out of the box

If you are the owner or administrator of a virtual airline which also uses XAcars as it's ACARS software, please send us a mail via our contact form, so that we know who is using our free product.