The XAcars testsystem is thought to provide our users the ability to test their local installation. Because of that, the installer for Windows (MSFS version) can setup your client to directly connect to our testsystem, for X-Plane we provide preset INI files.

When connected to our testsystem with your XAcars client, you can see your flight on our map here on this website. After finishing your flight, your pirep will be shown in our PIREP list. If so, your client works as it should do.

Note: The testsystem is only thought to be a testing environment for people who do not know what an ACARS system is and what to do with it together with your preferred flightsim. Neither we provide any further functionality nor we want to simulate a whole virtual airline.

If you do not want to use our preset installations/INI files, you can enter following data into your settings dialog to connect to our testsystem:


  • PIREP: http://www.xacars.net/acars/pirep.php
  • ACARS: http://www.xacars.net/acars/liveacars.php
  • FLIGHTDATA: http://www.xacars.net/acars/flightdata.php


  • Username: xactesting
  • Password: xactestingpass


If you want to try the feature to get the flightdata from the server, just enter the flightnumber XAC1001 into the callsign field and click "Fetch data from server". You will get following data: 

  • Departure: LOWW
  • Destination: LOWI
  • Route: SITNI L856 BAGSI Q114 RTT
  • Aircraft: Fokker 100 (F100)
  • Cargo: 2100 (kg or lbs - not determined)
  • Pax: 72