XAcars for MSFS with Majestics Dash8 support
Monday, 01/13/2014 at 13:02

We finished the next update of XAcars for MSFS, which is compatible with Majestics superb Dash8 Q400 addon now (you need at least version 1.008 of the Dash). The new version of XAcars for MSFS is called 2.5.5 (the latest version for XPlane stays on 2.5.4).


  • Compatible to Majestics Dash8 Q400

  • Better compatibility for Wilco Airbus series

  • Out/Off/On/In times are shown in Windows Vista and Windows 7 again

  • Some minor fixes and stabillity enhancements

Important news for all administrators

We ask you to respect the work behind XAcars!

We provide XAcars for free - so we do not get anything for it, but you get a great tool for your virtual airline. The only thing we want to have is your respect and therefore please respect our wish, and do not distribute our binaries directly on your own server. Link to www.xacars.net instead, so that your members can also see what the team behind XAcars is doing. 

Unfortunately there are some people around who are not willing to accept the meaning of freeware for the community. Those people are searching the (flightsimmers) web for incomplete site notices and other faults of the admins to press a real life charge against them. To prevent such charge for xacars.net we disabled our support section, because we do not want to get in real trouble for providing freeware for a a virtual world. We hope you understand that step and we hope you see who is responsible for that decission (not us ;) ).