Marko Martinetz taking over
Wednesday, 03/25/2015 at 11:28

Dear XACARS users,

some of you might already know me as the principal developer of XACARS, which was the original project of Bernhard Harb. For the last several years, we split the work on XACARS by having me taking care of coding and Bernhard doing all the publishing work, most importantly running as main distribution platform of XACARS.

Now, Bernhard has taken over other responsibilities, personal and professional, and he believes that he's not able anymore to take proper care for That's why the site was mostly dormant for the last couple of months. Now he's finally taken the step of  signing over the domain and all the content to me.

I have to thank Bernhard very much for his work in running this website for the past years.

Now it is up to me to reactivate this site as best as possible. Within the following days, I will try to upload a 2.5.6 release of XACARS for XPlane now providing 64-Bit support and probably also improved 32-Bit support on Linux, fixing problems with hanging button presses on Windows and also fixing some more general bugs. Additionally a version 2.5.6 for XACARS/MSFS will also be released in due course, mainly with the same general bugfixes as XACARS/XPlane 2.5.6. I will inform about these uploads by a new post.


That's all for the moment. Thanks again to Bernhard for his time spent on this project and his help and encouragement in the previous years, and all the best to him for his new endeavours.


Important news for all administrators

We ask you to respect the work behind XAcars!

We provide XAcars for free - so we do not get anything for it, but you get a great tool for your virtual airline. The only thing we want to have is your respect and therefore please respect our wish, and do not distribute our binaries directly on your own server. Link to instead, so that your members can also see what the team behind XAcars is doing. 

Unfortunately there are some people around who are not willing to accept the meaning of freeware for the community. Those people are searching the (flightsimmers) web for incomplete site notices and other faults of the admins to press a real life charge against them. To prevent such charge for we disabled our support section, because we do not want to get in real trouble for providing freeware for a a virtual world. We hope you understand that step and we hope you see who is responsible for that decission (not us ;) ).