Some history about XAcars

First time we talked about XAcars was at the end of 2005. This time we started to implement a ACARS system for X-Plane together with Leipzigair virtual airline in freepascal. But after a few lines of code and some time later we noticed that this wasn't the best environment to write a cross platform plugin and therefore we changed the whole code to C++ which was more or less a complete rewriting. During this phase Marko startet to takeover the whole development process and Bernhard concentrated on the webservices and the webadmin support for virtual airlines.

On April 2nd 2006, we sent the first beta version of XAcars for X-Plane to a few testers of Leipzigair VA and the feedback was much better than expected. In the meantime, Thomas Hartung (also a member of LHA) started to implement one script after another on the webserver to serve the needs of XAcars (for example the flightdata script). Soon we had a complete environment to track flights with X-Plane and XAcars running for Leipzigair.

A few month later the first version of XAcars has been published and we didn't expect that so many virtual airlines would jump on and start using this freeware tool. Maybe that's the reason why Marko started playing around with a XAcars version for Microsoft Flightsimulator :)

Nearly one year after publishing XAcars 1.0 (and some minor updates later) we published the new version 2.0 which was compatible to X-Plane (Windows, Linux, OSX) and Microsoft Flightsimulator - a breakthrough for all virtual airlines around, because for the first time they are able to support many platforms with just one ACARS tool. This version is running for a long time now, but we are still working on improvements.