You must be on the ground with engines off

XAcars for MSFS only

If XAcars tells you that you have to stay on the ground and to turn the engines off even if you have done that and if you are using XAcars for Microsoft Flightsimulator, then please donwload the latest version of FSUIPC and install it before running XAcars again.


XAcars Plugin does not show up

XAcars for X-Plane only

If XAcars does not show up inside your plugin directory please check if your system fits the minimum system requirements published here on this page. If yes please redownload the archive for your system and double check the version because there are different versions for all platforms and multiple versions for OSX (regarding the OSX version). If everything is ok copy all the files from BASEDIR inside the downloaded archive into your X-Plane base directory (where your X-Plane executable is in). Now, your plugin should be visible inside your plugin menu.


XAcars sends an error when connecting

X-Plane and Microsoft Flightsimulator

Please check your settings if they fit those provided by your VA (or our testsystem). If those are correct please contact the web administrator of your virtual airline because in most cases this is the result of a misconfigured setup on the webserver - maybe your VA is changing the system at the moment.


I forgot to send my PIREP - help!

If you didn't start another flight in the meantime this is not a problem because the last flight is always stored if you didn't send a PIREP yet. To send this PIREP open it in XAcars and click on "Send PIREP" again.

Note: The PIREP is saved as "lastpirep.xap" inside your XAcars program directory (MSFS) or inside your plugin director (X-Plane).