XAcars for MSFS is distributed as an installer package which does all the work for you. Because of the commonly used installation procedure of X-Plane we do not provide such an installer for X-Plane too, therefore you have to copy the files by hand.

Microsoft Flightsimulator

  • Download and start the installer file for X-Plane for MSFS
  • When asked to install the configuration file for the testsystem activate the checkbox
  • Follow all other instructions until the installer has finished
  • You will now find a new program group "XAcars for MSFS" in your startmenu


X-Plane (all Platforms)

  • Download the file which is built for your system (caution, there are different downloads for different OSX versions)
  • Extract the file to any temporary folder
  • Copy all the content of the folder into your X-Plane/Resources/Plugins directory
  • If you are using XAcars for X-Plane on Windows copy the whole content of BASEDIR into your main X-Plane folder (where X-Plane.exe is)
  • You will find XAcars in your plugin menu inside X-Plane