Advanced features

Saving a PIREP

and sending it later

XAcars can save your PIREP and send it at a later time. This is important if you wish to fly offline or if you have connection problems after you finished your flight.

To safe a PIREP your flight must be finished in the same way as you would do if you send the PIREP directly, but before sending the PIREP to your virtual airline, you have to click on "Save PIREP" - that's all.

Your PIREP is stored in an encrypted file so that you can't change it afterwards. When sending your PIREP (by loading it into XAcars and sending it to your VA) only the data out of the PIREP file will be taken - no entries made in the client will be used.


Flying for multiple VAs

only for XAcars for MSFS

If you want to use XAcars for more than one virtual airlines you cannot use the installer for each airline because this would overwrite your settings everytime. Therefore, you have to install XAcars for MSFS once and then copy your XAcars directory manually to any other location. Now rename the EXE file to recognice the VA this installation is for. When starting this executable you can setup this instance for your second virtual airline.

Now you can choose which program to start (that one in the new directory or that one in the startmenu) - both are linked to different settingfiles and do not interupt each other.

Note: You cannot run XAcars twice - only one instance is allowed at the same time!