XACARS 2.5.6 released!
Monday, 11/16/2015 at 17:12

Dear XACARS users,

long, long ago I promised a speedy update, but unfortunately other private and professional issues kept me from delivering the new release. Until now. 

There are a few large changes:

- Linux is now supported again for XPlane-64 bit,

- Saving/loading a pirep should work again correctly on OSX and Linux,

- a strange problem with button presses on X-Plane/Windows was fixed

- FuelFlow is now used to indicate engine start rather than N1/N2.

and many more small ones, including a nasty error in formatting the PIREP submission date which stopped certain PIREPs to be accepted for at least one VA.

From now on XACARS will be delivered in four ZIP files, which you should be able to simply unpack at the right position. See below:

XACARS_MSFS-de_DE-2.5.6.zip and XACARS_MSFS-en_EN-2.5.6.zip

These two contain XACARS for Microsoft Flightsimulator. You can choose either the german (de_DE) or english (en_EN) internationalization. Just unpack these at your Desktop. If you have a preexisting installation, please copy over the xacars.ini from its location, most probably C:\Programs\XACARS for MSFS\. You can afterwards erase this previous installation.

Of course, you can still install below C:\Programs or anywhere else; however installing outside from C:\ (or configuring your user permissions correctly) may have the benefit of not longer having to start XACARS as administrator (or with administrator privileges).

XACARS_XPlane-de_DE-2.5.6.zip and XACARS_XPlane-en_EN-2.5.6.zip

These two contain XACARS for X-Plane. You can choose either the german (de_DE) or english (en_EN) internationalization. Just unpack it below XPlane/Plugins. The toplevel directory will be called XACARS. If you have an original installation you can either decide to overwrite everything on unpacking (beware, that a stub xacars.ini is included in the ZIP file) or remove or rename your original installation (and copy over your existing xacars.ini file).

If you have X-Plane 10 (or above :-)) you should be all set.

In case you have X-Plane 9, you might be in for some copying: the plugin (lin.xpl, win.xpl or mac.xpl, depending on your OS platform) resides below XACARS/32/ (the 64 folder will be of no use to you) and needs to be moved one step up to directly below the XACARS level. If you are on the Windows platform, please move the files called *.dll from within the 32 folder up to the X-Plane folder (besides the X-Plane.exe). You can then remove the folders named 32 and 64.

If you have any questions or spot any malfunctions, you may contact me at marko at xacars dot net. Please allow for a few days until you expect my answer, as I'm quite busy usually.

XACARS-2.5.6 will be most probably the last of the XACARS-2 series. I plan on releasing XACARS-3 (featuring most prominently a completely reworked GUI which should be all but identical on XPlane and MSFS, but also some noticeable other changes) around the same time next year; there might be a limited functionality preliminary release out by August 2016. I will keep all of you up to date here.

Have fun


Important news for all administrators

We ask you to respect the work behind XAcars!

We provide XAcars for free - so we do not get anything for it, but you get a great tool for your virtual airline. The only thing we want to have is your respect and therefore please respect our wish, and do not distribute our binaries directly on your own server. Link to www.xacars.net instead, so that your members can also see what the team behind XAcars is doing. 

Unfortunately there are some people around who are not willing to accept the meaning of freeware for the community. Those people are searching the (flightsimmers) web for incomplete site notices and other faults of the admins to press a real life charge against them. To prevent such charge for xacars.net we disabled our support section, because we do not want to get in real trouble for providing freeware for a a virtual world. We hope you understand that step and we hope you see who is responsible for that decission (not us ;) ).